Ustaad Ke Funday: How We See Shopping

Ustaad Ke Funday

At PriceBaba we have strong views on shopping. It is a common debate for us with friends & well wishers and we would take this opportunity to list some of our views on shopping In India:

> Consumers want best prices, but they care a lot for trusted sources to buy from. In our retail days a common question was to suggest a reliable dealer, followed by what would be a good bargain price.

> When it comes to finding the best bargain, Crowdsourcing doesn’t work! Nor does rate updates provided by retailers themselves. Prices fluctuate like weather and retailers don’t tell you the best bargains voluntarily 🙂

> You can’t take away the element of bargaining. Indians bargain!

> More Choice = More Confusion. Consumers are confused with the wide variety of mobiles / cameras / laptops to choose from. Don’t believe us? Ask Sheena Iyengar. Choosing is a real problem and budget plays a significant part in decision making.

> Tech purchases are planned. Majority consumers budget for, research & plan their purchases weeks or months In advance.

> At a given point of time an offline buyer sticks to the offline market, online consumer sticks to the habit of buying online.


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    • Puneet
    • January 24, 2013

    Pretty correct – Prices fluctuate like weather. Even online stores keep changing prices very frequently.

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