The Perfect Entry Level Android Smartphone

MOTO E GEN 2 200316-8 (Small)

It is safe to say that “Entry Level” smartphones can be phones that cost under Rs. 10,000. Within this range there is a big cluster of phones and almost all brands target this bracket primarily to claim the throne in the Indian market. And the easiest way to go by is to release a new competitive smartphone every other day. Usually the USP feature is called out which could be either the camera, a multi-core processor or a gigantic battery. This is what an average user falls for and gets trapped because they would have overlooked major aspects that a perfect smartphone should have. While the smartphones have become an unavoidable companion helping everybody to stay on top of their game with emails, social media, apps and what not, choosing the right device is definitely important.

So what a consumer should really look for when buying a good budget phone? And what the heck is a “perfect entry level smartphone”? This guide covers various aspects of phones that you need to know before you buy. All the products will also be linked to where you can find the best prices for the suggested phones. Read more →

Introducing ‘Our Picks’ — Helping People Make Better Choices


Dear Pricebaba user,

It is our ongoing endeavour to help you make better shopping decisions. A small but useful step into doing that is to put a seal on products that we think you should buy. We’re calling it — ‘Our Pick’.


When you’re filtering through thousands of products available in the market, this seal will help you identify ones that we feel are worthy of purchase. They are handpicked by our mobile editors at Pricebaba; a team of experts who are passionate & knowledgeable about mobile phones. These are the same set of people whose phone reviews you’ve seen on our Youtube channel.

So the next time you’re confused about which phone to buy or recommend, keep an eye out for ‘Our Pick’. And buy one with ease of mind :)

PS: We want to give honest buying advices using this feature. It is completely an editorial decision, and no brand or 3rd party can buy a recommendation from us.  

PS 2: Want to glance over all ‘Our Picks’ in one go? Click here to see the entire list!

The Future Of Cash Is Hazy


2012 was a great movie. Interstellar was even better. Jurassic Park is a classic which was recently revisited with Jurassic World.

I do not care much for John Cusack’s acting, because there was not much of that. Nor do I care for the fact that Jurassic World made Irrfan the No. 1 Khan in the world, he already was the Khan around when it came to acting. And although I would be lying if I said I did not care much for Nolan’s directing, that is not where I am getting at.

So what is it that I am trying to say, one might ask? The answer is imagination. These movies were good simply for the reason that they opened a window for us. Through this window, we were exposed to the awesome and terrifying possibilities of an apocalyptic world. What if the oceans go wild? What if genetics succeeds in reviving the dinos? What if humanity’s last hope lies halfway across the universe?

But there are no movies for other equally promising premises. What if the world ran out of oxygen? What if there was no Metallica or Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin? What if there was no war? What if being straight led you to be judged?

There is one such question which would be quite interesting. What if cash, as a form of realising monetary agreements, became obsolete? Read more →

Mobile Insurance in India

Insurance is based on the philosophy of risk sharing. For example, collecting a nominal amount from a large number of people and compensating the ones who actually suffer a loss.

Many people do not believe in the philosophy of insurance since they consider it to be a waste of money. Modern-age smartphones have become complex computing devices and it has become equally expensive to repair them in case they’re broken. As per our analysis it costs almost 30% of the price of the phone to replace a broken screen. Then there’s always the chance of losing your phone or it getting stolen. Taking these points into consideration maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to spend a few thousand rupees to insure the many tens of thousands we spend on smartphones. Especially when some companies offer free pick up and drop services, which saves the insurer from the hassles of repairing the device. Read more →

Say Hi to Our New Logo!

Social new logo fb twitter announcement postPricebaba was started by a bunch of geeks, wanting to help their friends find prices of mobile phones. After three years, it has evolved into a market leading brand for online-offline price comparison in India. Before we branch out to new opportunities and aim for the next 10 million users, the team felt it was the right time to find ourselves a more modern, friendlier identity that reflects what we as a company stand for. So here it is, the all-new Pricebaba identity.

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PriceBaba Redone: More Than Just a Coat of Paint


PriceBaba started a little over 3 years ago as a website that listed local prices of mobile phones. Since then, it has come a long way. We kept adding thousands of local stores across India to our platform. We added listings from popular ecommerce sites after the rise of exclusively sold brands like Motorola. We kept building and refining the feature-set, but there was one thing that we admit took little longer to do — a visual overhaul.

But it is finally here! And it’s a lot more than just a fresh coat of paint. Read more →

How to Get The Best Value For Your Phone

0206 -150936

If you are looking for a used phone, read my post on how to get the best deal while buying a used phone.

Running an up-to-date smartphone has now become a necessity. With newer versions of operating systems and applications rolling out every year, developers have hard decisions to make as they can either create advanced new features or write apps that will work on yesterday’s technology. So eventually the phone which was great when you bought it a couple of years ago you will start feeling left out and every application on your phone will feel slow. I witnessed one such incident which happened to my Dad with his first generation Moto G.

Thanks to the boom in online marketplaces, selling is now easier than ever before in India. Online selling is no longer a unwanted experience where you have to please strangers and meet them at a shady location. It is now much more open and trusted. With all the advertisements on television, even my frustrated old fella said four words — “Olx Pe Bech De!” Read more →

Apple Is The Most Aspired Brand In India: Brand Satisfaction Survey


If there is one thing common between you and me in today’s world, then it would be that we both are smartphone users. We like to stay connected and a smartphone exactly does that for us, aside from that it also helps us travel with maps and lets us shop at fingertips. With so many reasons, there are times when we tend to have a love-hate relationship with our phones. And infidelity in this relationship starts appearing a year after using the phone or in some cases even earlier, if you’ve made a bad purchase.

You might then start thinking to switch to another phone. That’s the time when your geeky friends will suggest you phones of different brands which will suit your exact requirements, or you’ll visit and keep playing with the sliders to get various suggestions. And eventually, you’ll find that one phone of your choice.

We at tried to figure out how many users are really satisfied with their current smartphone brand. The results turned out quite surprising. All our findings are based on the survey which was taken by 300 respondents. Our survey included rating their current smartphone brand, how loyal they are to it and if at all they would switch in future, then which would be their preferred brand.

Let’s deep dive straight away into our findings:

Brand Owners:

Brand Owners (1) Read more →

Understanding Dual-SIM Ecosystem In India


Dual-SIM devices are extremely popular in India and almost every manufacturer except Apple sells them at different price ranges. So why is there such a huge demand for Dual-SIM devices in India? Here is a deep dive into the Dual-SIM culture of India.

One of the main reasons for this is because buying a SIM card is cheap and convenient in India. You just have to pay a nominal amount, offer your ID documents and you’re good to go in a matter of few hours. One can even deactivate it without much hassle. There is no lockdown period or contract as such. This is unlike the West, where devices sell under contracts and people are bound to use one service provider for 2 to 3 years. Telecom operators also promoted pre-paid SIMs with “life-time free incoming plans”. That helps the demand for SIM cards.

Now let’s look at why people buy Dual-SIM devices? Read more →

Good Smartphones That Can Be Bought Hassle-Free

PicMonkey Collage

Almost every week a mail pops up in my inbox telling me how many units of XYZ phone got sold in how many minutes. Or in fact seconds. It has come to a point where companies gloat about these numbers — “this device sold out in 1.2 seconds” while that “in 1.3 secs”. In those seconds, a fixed number of units put on sale. This number is always much lower than the demand or registrations. Of course for the lucky ones it is a good thing but what about the ones who miss out week after week. Tired of waiting for a phone? Like, it’s just a phone and there are tons of them out there. So why fuss over that one product that is extremely tough to get your hands on? Rather go in for these ones.

Note: We tried hard to put in phones that sell both online and offline but we can’t recommend some phones that sell in stores. Still, even if the ones chosen are online exclusives, in our observation they are easily available most of the time.

HTC Desire 826

The Desire 820 is one of the most popular phones in the sub Rs. 25,000 bracket, as per our analysis. But it had one critical flaw, the low-resolution 720p display on a big 5.5-inch screen. HTC has practically fixed that with the Desire 826. Now with a 1080p display on the same 5.5-inches screen, the screen is much crisper at 401 pixels-per-inch. It also has an upgraded 13 megapixel front-facing camera sensor, so if taking selfies is on your wishlist, the high resolution will help. Everything apart from this is exactly like the Desire 820, including the 2600mAh battery (so expect a dent in battery life). Available for about Rs. 25,000, it’s not the best value for money when pitted against the OnePlus One. But if you’re not that fussy about buying a phone with the best hardware for the money, then the Desire 826 ain’t so bad. Read more →