‘Gionee Aims to Sell 40 million Units Globally This Year’- Arvind Vohra Reveals it in Pricebaba Talk


Gionee India is at the forefront of the Chinese revolution that seems to have captured them mobile market in India. Known for their glamorous launches and slick products with a lot of focus on offline retail, Gionee has become a household brand name and enjoyed a ton of success in states like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh especially thanks to its diverse catalog. Recently, we saw Gionee sponsor the Kolkata Knight Riders at IPL 2016 and on the occasion of the same, we sat down with the Country Head & CEO, Gionee India, Mr Arvind Vohra and put him under the spotlight. Read more →

Today’s Mid-Range Phone, or Last Year’s High-End, Which one to buy?

Mid-range vs High End

Smartphones have gotten out of hand to be honest, we at Pricebaba add over a thousand mobile phones to our database every year. The sheer number of phones is also the reason we exist, to help our users pick the best phone for their needs at the right price. We are bombarded will all sorts of questions on which phone to buy at a certain price. You’ll find a couple dozen phones at every price slab, and it is occupied by newcomers as well as the old guard that has descended into this price slab from the heavens. So the question, should you buy a new mid-range smartphone or a flagship device from last year? Read more →

Why Does Pricebaba have Ads?

PB product page

Before you say it, we will put it out there, we know ads are annoying. We know it takes away the experience from our core product and if we had unlimited deep pockets we would never have anything that divides the attention of the user.

PB product page

Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world. In an attempt to keep Pricebaba a free service for you and to survive in an extremely competitive environment, we have to serve ads which help us bring in a good part of our revenues. It adds up as a revenue stream alternative to our affiliate income and it is always good to not be dependent on one stream only. We hope someday that we get the magic pot and a genie which gives us all the cash in the world bank, but until that glorious time, we sadly have to feed our tummies ourselves. We have reinvested all the money that we have made back in the product for giving you a greater experience and several team members are working under massive pay cuts, just to realise their dream of making that perfect research engine for you. Therefore, all streams of revenue are extremely critical for us, going forward. Read more →

Let’s Set The Record Straight On Refurbished / Pre-Owned iPhones in India

Apple has made a request to the Indian government seeking permission to sell Certified Pre-Owned iPhones in the country. However there seems to be some confusion and debate on what that means & if that is a good or bad thing. Some questions are unanswered & I have had no interaction with Apple on this, but let’s look at what we know from public domain and other reports.

The debate for me started when I saw that there is some attempt to portray a pre-owned iPhone as better than a refurbished one by claiming it has a “New IMEI”, with the statement in this Indian Express article saying “Apple certified pre-owned phones have new IMEI numbers, not refurbished phones which are essentially repaired second hand phones.” My twitter exchanges with the author is here (somewhat going in circles there).

Indian Express on Pre-Owned iPhones In India

So are pre-owned iPhones better than refurbished? Because refurbished are repaired and second hand? Wait, Isn’t pre-owned = second hand? Honestly, it seems like Apple PR’s job to me. Trying to get some good press for certified pre-owned iPhones planned to be sold in India.  Read more →

Why the Pricebaba offline model failed, Our learnings and journey

Pricebaba branding on retail stores

As I sit down to write this blog entry on why our offline model failed, a realisation sets in. All the hundreds of conversations with mentors, friends, colleagues and investors across the globe over the last three years discussing this business is now seeing a closure. Yes, at Pricebaba our identity has been connecting local retailers to consumers on the web and after INR 2 crore invested, over 2400 retailers in 15 cities on-boarded, INR 300+ crore worth of inquiries and 86+ million visits on Pricebaba.com, we failed to make a business around this.

Some of you probably already see where this is going. Let me put it upfront. We are very motivated by a challenge of solving a real problem, not copy a proven western model and paste it in India with our PR folks cooking up a story around our journey later on. What I am doing with this post is sharing a lot of details about how we did what we did, what we were thinking and decisions we took. Thus, we do not want to be just another name written off the race with a face saving acqui-hire or shut down with vague wordings on our homepage.

Also, before we begin, let’s be clear. Pricebaba.com is a 25-member strong team and I am incredibly proud of what we have done so far and what we continue to work on. Yes, we aren’t dead. I would have said ‘we aren’t dead yet’. It isn’t uncommon for every startup to pitch their venture with such vigour — that their idea will happen and not may happen, no matter how uncertain the outcome. However in the below post, I will keep the pitching hat aside. We are a very powerful team working on a tough problem that accommodates our learnings from running Pricebaba all along. Survived by our user traction and revenues (yay), we are just getting started in our journey to create an impact.

So here is the Pricebaba offline model dissected. Read more →

5 Women That Rule Our Tech World

There have been numerous debates and plenty of noise on why the percentage population of women in the domain of technology, be it on the media side of things or setting up businesses related to technology, continues to remain thin. While that debate can go on, we at Pricebaba definitely believe in woman power. On May 8th, the International Women’s Day, we want to list out and pay tribute to five women from the world of tech that have rocked our world.

These are ladies, among many, that we look up to, draw inspiration from and try and learn as much as possible. So, let’s reveal the names now, shall we?

Gwynne Shotwell


Gwynne Shotwell is a very well known name in the world of Space travel. She currently serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX, an Aerospace manufacturing company founded by Elon Musk. While the spotlight stays pretty much constantly on Elon for his exploits, it is Gwynne who quitely goes about her business in ensuring that you and I can finally fulfill our fantasy of space travel very soon. Joining as a Vice President of Business Development, back in 2002, Gwynne has been a constant fix at the SpaceX and a major name behind the success stories. Read more →

Flipkart Big Shopping Days: Deals You Cannot Miss Out On (March 7th- 9th, 2016)


Since you are reading this, obviously you love shopping online. We are sure, being the keyboard warrior that you are, you are always on the lookout for that perfect discount, which would compel you to make a purchase. Flipkart, more often than not, has amazing deals going on. But every once in a while, there come those special days, where there is a lot of good stuff on discount.

Starting off from March 7th, all the way up to March 9th, Flipkart is celebrating the ‘Big Shopping Days’. You have some incredible deals for products that you have been wanting to buy for a while. These jaw dropping discounts are not going to be there forever, and to make your task simpler, we have cherry picked the best deals and curated them right here. End of the day, Pricebaba has always been your go to companion for all your online shopping needs, so why wait, let’s jump in. Read more →

Don’t let the Ad Campaigns Fool You Into Purchasing a Mobile Phone!

Nexus 5x iphone branding

We all have seen them, despised them sometimes, and loved them at others. Yes, we are talking about the various advertisements of mobile phones that you see around yourself. These ads are all around you, be it on television in the form of commercials, or placed on the hoardings at the airport, or even on the internet, perhaps right on this page causing you minor irritation. An advertisement done well though, can go a long way in ensuring you convert the interest and go ahead and purchase the device. Read more →

[Closed] Win a Nexus 5X with Pricebaba — Powered by Bajaj Finserv


Readers of Pricebaba, it’s the time of the festivities and to enjoy and celebrate. And to make the occasion even more special, we have decided to bring to you the hottest property in the world of gadgets right now. Let’s turn this Diwali into an #InstaDiwali with Bajaj Finserv Experia app. All you need to do is to participate and grab your chance and you could be walking away with an LG Nexus 5XRead more →

Pricebaba CEO on CNBC Awaaz Discussing Consumer Protection When Shopping Online

Featured image

Dear Friends,

Our CEO, Annkur P Agarwal was on CNBC Awaaz recently discussing how ecommerce marketplaces can do a better job at seller verification to safeguard consumers.

Here is the video of the discussion on CNBC Awaaz Pehredaar show:

At Pricebaba we are very excited about growth of online shopping in India and are very committed to helping the ecosystem work better. To ensure that our consumers have a safe shopping experience, here are a few things one must take care when shopping online.

  • Given that there is an option, always register the product you bought with the manufacturer on their website. If the goods you have purchased have a flag against them for any reason, like a recall or theft in the supply chain, the manufacturer can alert you and save embarrassment / harassment later.

Read more →