Apple Is The Most Aspired Brand In India: Brand Satisfaction Survey


If there is one thing common between you and me in today’s world, then it would be that we both are smartphone users. We like to stay connected and a smartphone exactly does that for us, aside from that it also helps us travel with maps and lets us shop at fingertips. With so many reasons, there are times when we tend to have a love-hate relationship with our phones. And infidelity in this relationship starts appearing a year after using the phone or in some cases even earlier, if you’ve made a bad purchase.

You might then start thinking to switch to another phone. That’s the time when your geeky friends will suggest you phones of different brands which will suit your exact requirements, or you’ll visit and keep playing with the sliders to get various suggestions. And eventually, you’ll find that one phone of your choice.

We at tried to figure out how many users are really satisfied with their current smartphone brand. The results turned out quite surprising. All our findings are based on the survey which was taken by 300 respondents. Our survey included rating their current smartphone brand, how loyal they are to it and if at all they would switch in future, then which would be their preferred brand.

Let’s deep dive straight away into our findings:

Brand Owners:

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Understanding Dual-SIM Ecosystem In India


Dual-SIM devices are extremely popular in India and almost every manufacturer except Apple sells them at different price ranges. So why is there such a huge demand for Dual-SIM devices in India? Here is a deep dive into the Dual-SIM culture of India.

One of the main reasons for this is because buying a SIM card is cheap and convenient in India. You just have to pay a nominal amount, offer your ID documents and you’re good to go in a matter of few hours. One can even deactivate it without much hassle. There is no lockdown period or contract as such. This is unlike the West, where devices sell under contracts and people are bound to use one service provider for 2 to 3 years. Telecom operators also promoted pre-paid SIMs with “life-time free incoming plans”. That helps the demand for SIM cards.

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Good Smartphones That Can Be Bought Hassle-Free

PicMonkey Collage

Almost every week a mail pops up in my inbox telling me how many units of XYZ phone got sold in how many minutes. Or in fact seconds. It has come to a point where companies gloat about these numbers — “this device sold out in 1.2 seconds” while that “in 1.3 secs”. In those seconds, a fixed number of units put on sale. This number is always much lower than the demand or registrations. Of course for the lucky ones it is a good thing but what about the ones who miss out week after week. Tired of waiting for a phone? Like, it’s just a phone and there are tons of them out there. So why fuss over that one product that is extremely tough to get your hands on? Rather go in for these ones.

Note: We tried hard to put in phones that sell both online and offline but we can’t recommend some phones that sell in stores. Still, even if the ones chosen are online exclusives, in our observation they are easily available most of the time.

HTC Desire 826

The Desire 820 is one of the most popular phones in the sub Rs. 25,000 bracket, as per our analysis. But it had one critical flaw, the low-resolution 720p display on a big 5.5-inch screen. HTC has practically fixed that with the Desire 826. Now with a 1080p display on the same 5.5-inches screen, the screen is much crisper at 401 pixels-per-inch. It also has an upgraded 13 megapixel front-facing camera sensor, so if taking selfies is on your wishlist, the high resolution will help. Everything apart from this is exactly like the Desire 820, including the 2600mAh battery (so expect a dent in battery life). Available for about Rs. 25,000, it’s not the best value for money when pitted against the OnePlus One. But if you’re not that fussy about buying a phone with the best hardware for the money, then the Desire 826 ain’t so bad. Read more →

It’s a Sad Day If You Want To Buy A Reasonably Sized Smartphone

MOTO E GEN 2 200316-17

During the feature phone phase, every phone buyer was looking for a bigger screen. The industry responded by creating humongous phones. Although many of us at PriceBaba have adjusted to using phones sized 5-inches and a little above, however there are a few of us who still prefer it to be between 4.5 inches to 5 inches. The main problem is that the smartphone companies are now convinced with the “bigger is better” mantra. As a result of this, it is almost impossible to get all high-end specs in a small screen device. We at Pricebaba, have used our database of 1126 phones currently selling in the market, to prove that if you are looking for reasonably sized phone, then you will have to sacrifice on some features. As per our database, there are 934 smartphones, out of which only 358 have a screen size of 4 to 5 inches. So, if you are looking for a reasonably sized device, you have less than 50% of the phones available in the market to choose from. Now among those devices, here is what you will most probably get — Read more →

Got Money To Spend? Here Are A Few Phones Which You Should Consider


Windfall gains are generally not spent wisely. Incase you have got a bonus and wondering which phone to buy then here are a few options :

Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000

Motorola Moto E (2nd Generation)

Moto E is a value for money phone. It offers 1GB RAM with a Quad-core processor along with Dual-SIM support. The 5 Megapixel camera manages to click average snaps but unfortunately lacks flashlight. The front camera is pathetic. So if you are not going to click many selfies then you should go for this.

Microsoft Lumia 535

In case you reluctant to a smartphone from a store and Google products like Google Drive, Hangouts are not used by you then can go for Lumia 535. It is a Dual-SIM phone with the same hardware specifications of Moto E(2nd Gen). The good thing about this device is that it offers a 5 Megapixel camera with flash. So if you are looking for a phone with good camera and using a Windows phone does not bother you then can go for this phone.

Note: If you are lucky to get Redmi 2 or Micromax Yu Yureka, then discard the above two options.

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How Motorola Has Been Beaten At Their Own Game


Motorola was the first international brand that offered quality phones at a reasonable cost in India, at a time when big smartphone makers couldn’t care less about their entry-level segment. Their Moto E and Moto G set the rules on how good cheap smartphones can be. The phones had good build quality, ran near-stock Android and also got regular OS updates. Thanks to all this, Motorola had created a lot of buzz in the market and their phones started selling like hotcakes. Sadly, a year later there is a lot of competition and the second generation of their devices may be good but not the best bang for the buck.

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The Apple ‘Spring Forward’ Event Made Apple Events Interesting Again

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.09.02 pm

Apple held an event on 9th March 2015 and this may be an event that finally garnered my interest after a long time. This is because of the new products which were launched. Most of their keynotes in the last two years spoke only about incremental changes to the iPhone and/or the iPad. And it even became predictable as to what new things would be announced. The camera and processor get bumped up in the S model of the iPhone (sometimes with the addition of a special feature), while the subsequent one will also have a new form factor. With the iPad, it gets thinner and get a few features like Siri, Touch ID from the iPhone and again a few spec bumps. But at this spring event, Apple showed what they are capable of. They spoke about three new products and here is what I made of the event as a whole. Read more →

A Study in Price Drops of Popular Smartphones

CoverSince the last 5 years, Samsung has remained on the top spot in India’s smartphone market. Their two of the most popular flagship series of phones, namely ‘Galaxy S’ and ‘Galaxy Note’ lineup has been pivotal in their rise. Both series of phones are popular globally with new successors launching once a year, just like Apple has been doing with the iPhone. Back in 2011, the Galaxy S series was  a worthy competitor against the iPhone. It was the easy choice if you needed a top-of-the-line Android smartphone.

Over the years, Samsung’s pricing for many flagships has been in line with how Apple prices their products. Each year, a new phone came at a launch price roughly Rs. 2,000 lesser than that of Apple’s new iPhone models. The Galaxy S2 came out in May 2011 for Rs. 32,500, while, in the same month, Apple had come out with the iPhone 4 Rs. 34,500. Jump to 2014, Samsung’s latest flagship — Galaxy S5 had gotten released in March for Rs. 52,000, while Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S had gotten released 4 months back for Rs. 53,500. A steady trend of pricing lesser than the latest iPhone can be observed here. Read more →

MWC 2015 – Top Phones to Set a Price Alert On

MWC 2015 - Top Phones to Set a Price Alert For

Every year after a major event like CES or MWC, there are waves of new phones that come in. They get better and meaner with every year passing by. The competition get stiffer – competition to release the next big thing. These new launches tend to shake the market value of the older phones. This trend has been going on since a very long time, and I can assure that its the right time to pick a phone up at the best price. Read more →

Best Ways To Enjoy The World Cup 2015 On Your Smartphone


India’s favourite sport runs in the DNA of every Indian. Even if some of us are not a fan of cricket, we’d enjoy our country playing for the world cup, or just playing an India vs Pakistan match. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has officially started and the most entertainment you can get out of this game is by watching it with family or friends (or both) on a big TV and cheering for the country. But it may be the case when you’re stranded with work at office or don’t have access to a TV.

Unlike IPL, you cannot have the convenience of watching the World Cup on YouTube live. That is because Star Sports have the official broadcasting rights. You cannot live-stream the match on any website or application other than the official Star Sports application/website.

Here are some ways you can still catch-up with world cup on your smartphone: Read more →